This Is How “Levitating” Street Performers Appear To Float In Mid Air

Have you ever been strolling along a busy city street and found yourself amazed by these incredible floating performers?

Often dressed in loose, flowing clothing with a staff, imitating the Yogis of India, the trick isn’t unlike the human statue. The main difference is how these performers appear to defy gravity as they hover feet above the ground.

For a trick that looks mind-blowingly complicated, it’s actually super simple. The artist relies on a device that allows them to sit comfortably on a stool that supports their shoulders, then attaches to the cane before going down to the ground.

Here’s what it looks like underneath the clothes, which cleverly hide any signs of trickery.

So while it may look amazing, they really are just sitting on a chair.

You can see a more in-depth explanation below.