Ingenious Fan Theory Reveals Why The Dursleys Are So Mean To Harry Potter

Let’s make like Hermione for a minute, and investigate this new fan theory that’s making rounds on the web.

You all know the Dursleys, right?

Those evil, coldblooded little wenches — erm, I mean… Harry’s extended family.

The Dursley family are the only people aside from Voldemort and Malfoy who made Harry’s life miserable.

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Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and the human chin, Dudley, did the most ghastly things to Harry.

They banished him to live in a cupboard under the stairs, for one.

I mean, how could they have been capable of that level of evil?

According to a fan theory by Reddit user joudatoufin, it turns out that it’s actually Harry’s fault.

We’re deadly serious.

Remember Harry accidently being turned into Voldemort’s seventh Horcrux as a baby?

Well, Horcruxes have the ability to influence people within their vicinity, making them more prone to negative thoughts and behavior.

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Being subjected to the dark power of a Horcrux for a long stretch of time could lead to one becoming insane.

A Horcrux led Ron to imagine his deepest fears coming true when he had it in his possession for a few weeks.

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A Horcrux took control of Ginny Weasley after she wrote in it every day for an entire school year.

So what kind of monstrous person could it make of someone who has been exposed to it for, say…

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10 years?

Here’s the entire theory in full, according to ChristieIsBored, who also links to the original Tumblr post:

The Dursleys, being your garden-variety Muggles, were just going about their normal lives.

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Until one fateful night, when this Horcrux appeared…

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And for a decade, proceeded to twist their consciousness.

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The fact that they retained their minds (or a semblance thereof) is commendable.

And if this fan theory proves right?

It would mean that we may need to go against our better judgment and applaud the Dursleys for an astonishing feat.

 I’m not really sure I was ready for this revelation.