17 Speedy Little Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

#1. Use tape to hold a bracelet in place while you fasten it.

#2. Whiten the rubber soles of your shoes with nail polish remover.

#3. Use stale bread to remove stains from suede shoes.

#4. Use rounded-shoulder hangers (or ideally fold them) to extend the life of knitwear.

#5. Stretch out new shoes by wearing thick socks and briefly blasting your feet (in the shoes) with a hairdryer.

#6. Cut flowers last longer if you add a shot of vodka to the water.

#7. No time to iron? Hang clothes in the bathroom while you shower and steam out the creases.

#8. Teabags in your shoes might sound crazy, but it makes a perfect, all-natural deodorizer.

#9. Let clothes cool after ironing, otherwise you’ll just re-crease them.

#10. Loosen a stuck zipper with Vaseline or soap.

#11. Rejuvenate worn heels by covering them with glue and glitter.

#12. Window cleaner spray will clean patent leather shoes and bags in a cinch.

#13. Don’t try tucking jeans into boots — it’s comfier (and looks better) if you roll them up.

#14. If you’re buying jeans in a rush, you can test they’ll fit by wrapping the waistband around your neck or using your arm to measure the size.

It should fit from the elbow to the fist.

#15. Give ripped jeans a new lease of life with a patch sewn over or under the hole.

#16. Remove sweater snags by gently pulling the fabric around the loose thread to make it disappear.

#17. And making your own bra-strap converter is easier than you think – get the full tutorial here.