15 Incredible Gourmet Meals Using Just A Skillet

One skillet, a thousand different uses. All it takes is a dash of creativity, a whole lot of moxie, and incredible recipes like the ones we’ve got for you:

#1. Chase’s Daily Omelet.


Trust us: this dish tastes every bit as fancy as it looks. Recipe here.

#2. Chorizo & Bell Pepper Frittata.


Doesn’t the word “frittata” just make you wanna break out into a Missy Elliot song? And also eat some damn good eggs. Recipe here.

#3. Skillet-Fried Chicken.


The only fried chicken recipe you’ll ever need. Recipe here.

#4. Skillet Pasta With Chicken Sausages & Creamy Roasted Green Pepper Sauce.


Si beautifully Instagrammable, but you won’t be able to stop eating enough to get a decent shot. Recipe here.

#5. Deep Dish Pizza.


Friday night Every night is pizza night, right? Recipe here.

#6. Skillet Chicken With Bacon & White Wine Sauce.


Simple enough for a night at home, fancy enough for a dinner party with friends. Recipe here.

#7. Beef Taco Rice.


“Skinny” eating doesn’t have to mean a handful of trail mix for dinner. It could also be this Weight Watcher’s Friendly Beef Taco Skillet Rice. Recipe here.

#8. Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Skillet Soda Bread.


Did you know you could bake bread in a skillet? Well, now you do. Recipe here.

#9. Skillet Apple Crumble.


Pie is always a good idea. Just take a look at this skilletful of yummy apple crumble if you don’t believe us. Recipe here.

#10. Skillet Cookie Cake.


Good thing we all have that extra stomach just for desserts, amirite? Recipe here.

#11. Raspberry-Basil Fruit Jam.


Raspberries + lemon juice + sugar = you can’t go wrong with that combo. Recipe here.

#12. Chicken Pot Pie.


Make the darned chicken pot pie. You won’t be sorry. Recipe here.

#13. Cinnamon Roll Skillet Bread.


Who can say no to cinnamon and sugar? Nobody, that’s who. Recipe here.

#14. Cinnamon Pear Buckle.


This dessert may have a funny name, but you’ll be crying once you taste a mouthful of this — tears of pure joy, that is. Recipe here.

#15. Chocolate Skillet Cake.


It’s official. Chocolate cake made with a bit of peanut butter and served with a dollop of ice cream just might be the cure for everything. Recipe here.