Lizzo Gets Emotional After Flutist James Galway Sends Personal Christmas Greeting

On Sunday, Lizzo was brought to tears after receiving a special Christmas greeting from her icon, legendary flutist Sir James Galway.

In a clip shared to her Instagram Story, Galway was seen standing in front of a Christmas tree, playing holiday music on his flute.

After playing a few bars, he wished Lizzo a merry Christmas, adding that he was her “number one fan.”

“Merry Christmas Lizzo, from your number one fan,” Galway says with a big smile at the end of the video, raising his arm up enthusiastically. Lizzo wrote on the video, “YALL — SIR James Galway wished ME a Merry Christmas ???”

In a second Instagram Story post, she showed just how much the message affected her. She can be seen crying and wiping away tears while saying, “Is that f**king James? Is that f**king James Galway?”

The warm holiday greeting brought Lizzo to tears, making for an emotional Christmas for the singer and classically trained flutist. The “Tempo” singer reacted with disbelief to the post, having identified herself as a “band geek” in a 2019 interview with CBS News.

Lizzo, who has been playing the flute since 5th grade, often posted covers of popular music to her YouTube channel before gaining widespread fame. She even described listening obsessively to Galway’s “The Man with the Golden Flute” in her 2019 interview.

Galway’s surprise message is sure to be a moment Lizzo will never forget.

This month, a Grammy-winning musician performed with a special artifact – President James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute – during her stop in Washington, DC as part of her “Special” concert tour.

The flute, which was crafted in 1809, was given to Madison when he was Secretary of State, and has since become a priceless American treasure.