13 Gift Ideas That Are Too Perfect For Long-Distance Relationships

Being in a long distance relationship could make several things unachievable. Situations could get complicated and you could get lonely or at times, misunderstood.

Though it may be tough, the extra distance can cement your commitment. It can build a learning journey for both of you and can create more memorable moments for your relationship.

And one way to keep your love alive and strong is to send each other mementos. Here’s a list of creative ideas you can send your significant other who’s miles away from you:

1. A special long-distance pillow.

These interactive pillows light up when the other person sleeps on theirs, no matter how far away they are.

2. Hand stamped keychains.

A pair of custom hand stamped keychains are a great little trinket for you and your partner.

3. Handwritten letters for different occassions.

Nothing beats a gift done with much love and effort. These pre-written letters are great to do in bulk for the love of your life. Simply write letters for different instances for them to open, like when they’re sad or homesick for example. Write the different instances on the envelope for each letter and send them to your love’s way!

4. A mixtape in a cute USB.

No matter what language, we can all agree that music is universal. You can send a thoughtful playlist to the love of your life to let them know they’re on your mind. If you want a more personal touch, send it to them in a USB mixtape with some handwritten letters.

5. A boyfriend/girlfriend pillow.

This will definitely make you feel like you’re wrapped in their embrace. Bonus points if you throw in half of your shirt!

6. A scrapbook with all your best memories.

Cut out some of your best and memorable photos and let your creativity do the rest.

7. Handmade bracelets to match any outfit.


8. Couple shirts to wear on your best and worst days.

Matching or identical couple shirts will never fail you. This is the best way to express everything you feel about your significant half and agreeing to wear them on a specific day will give you the comfort that you’re under the same sky, and never too far.

9. Couple mugs

Buy 2 mugs and have them personalized with custom designs of your own choice. Send the other half to your beloved and don’t forget to include cheesy love notes! It’s something useful your partner would appreciate — especially if they’re into coffee.

10. A photo frame with a quote that speaks to your relationship.

Choose your perfect photo and have it framed! Choose a design that speaks strongly of how much you love each other despite of being apart.

11. Rings with each other’s coordinates.

These special customized rings let you engrave your exact locations through coordinates on both rings. It doesn’t only remind you of your commitment to each other, but it looks cool and fashionable too.

12. A photo collage.

By creating something like this couple did to this photo below, your cities will feel never feel like miles apart.

13. Love coupons.

This needs more of your imagination and creative ideas to keep the excitement and thrill alive while both of you are away. Create something personal only the two of you would get and appreciate. Include fun, naughty and cheesy ideas one would be willing to do for the other.

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