This 5-Year-Old Boy’s Genius Shoe-Tying Hack Might Just Change Your Life

A genius little boy has become a viral sensation thanks to his very clever shoe-tying hack.

5-year-old Colton Lillard was having trouble learning how to tie his shoelaces, so he asked a friend, River, for help.


River passed over a nifty trick to get those shoes tied in no time and, now that Colton’s such a pro, he’s sharing it with the world.

You can see the hack for yourself below.

Forget fiddling with bows and knots — isn’t it so much simpler to just tuck the end of the lace into the lace hole?!

Colton’s mom, Ashley, shared the video on Facebook and moms everywhere are praising the genius hack, calling it the “coolest shoe-tying trick ever”.


With over 6 million views and over 20,000 likes and shares, Colton and River’s genius hack is helping parents and little ones all over the world.

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