30 Best Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas For Women

The well-known Lotus symbol from Buddhism is a visual representation of how mind, body, and soul can thrive when working together as one. In Hinduism, it represents purity and divinity as its petals open forth from the mud at the bottom of the pond to rise to the surface from the darkness. It is said that when a man or women touches, smells, or sees a lotus flower their mind is filled with peace and enlightenment. It’s also used in Chinese culture to depict a person achieving a high status of existence after enduring difficulties.

The lotus flower is a beautiful and iconic symbol that has been used in tattoos for centuries. The meaning and significance varies depending on which culture you look at. If you are looking for a tattoo that is both beautiful and has a deep meaning, then the lotus flower is a great option. Here are some of the best designs you can take inspiration from.

1. Small Lotus Flower Tattoo

A small lotus flower tattoo design will look dainty on the nape, wrist, or ankle. It is an ideal size for women who want a simple flower tattoo. A small lotus tattoo design can combine just two to three petals. Like larger tattoos, it can support different styles and added color.

2. Lotus Flower Tattoo Outline

The lotus flower tattoo outline depicted above is the most common design used by tattoo artists and people who want to get this design. It uses simple curves and lines, making it one of the most minimalist yet impressive designs that you can get for your body. You can use this as a base and add colors and details to your liking.

3. Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo

A simple lotus flower tattoo is often a good choice for first-timers who are hesitant to commit to a large tattoo. They are also great for people who want to avoid the pain and discomfort of larger, more detailed tattoos. Simple designs are also easy to conceal with clothing as they are usually small.

4. Lotus Flower Buddhist Tattoo

Buddhism is often lined with the lotus flower. After all, the bloom represents purity and The lotus flower is a religious symbol that is well-known in the Buddhist faith. It symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and purity. Its black and white ink version also represents good luck, hope, and resilience to those who wear it on their bodies.

5. Lotus Flower Watercolor Tattoo

Lotus flowers have long been revered for their beauty and grace. Watercolor tattoos are very popular and provide soft colors that look serene. An advantage of watercolor tattoos is the use of gradients instead of block colors. However, because watercolor tattoos are made to look translucent, these have a fine layer, and fade faster. For these reasons, a watercolor lotus flower tattoo looks more delicate than a regular tattoo.  

6. Lotus Flower Tattoo Sleeve

A sleeve lotus flower tattoo will look like a waterfall of flowers cascading down your arm. To make this design impressive, you can make the flowers entwine with one another and float down your arm — each petal could also have a different design.

7. Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo

The thigh lotus flower tattoo is placed in the area which tapers from the pelvis to the knee. The thigh’s round shape gives the lotus flower image an almost three dimensional look. While you’re sitting cross-legged, your thigh lotus flower tattoo will look like it is resting calmly on your lap.

8. Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are very popular. These tattoos are created around triangles defining the shape of the tattoo. The resulting image is embellished with other shapes and a mix of colors. You might prefer a large, black-inked geometric lotus tattoo on your back, or a small, colored one behind your ear or wrist. A geometric lotus flower tattoo will look great anywhere on your body.

9. Lotus Flower Neck Tattoo

If you’re going for maximum visibility, the neck is a great place for a small tattoo — both simple and complex designs can look great here. Be sure you want to commit to this area, and that the tattoo represents something you’re profoundly connected with and want to express to the world, because once you get this area inked it will draw attention from others, especially new people you meet.

10. Lotus Flower Shoulder Tattoo

If you want a tattoo to be seen prominently, have it inked on your shoulder. A shoulder lotus flower tattoo can make you stand out from the crowd. It is one of the most popular areas for a tattoo because of its high visibility – and since it connects to your back, arms and chest, you can seamlessly blend it with other tattoos in those areas with some creativity.

11. Lotus Flower Spine Tattoo

The spine is a good placement for a lotus flower tattoo. It serves as a line running down the middle of the back. Placing a lotus flower along this line can add symmetry to your back, making it look quite eye-catchy. The resulting spine lotus flower tattoo can be long and tall and occupy a large portion of the back for additional details.

12. Lotus Flower Ankle Tattoo

The lotus flower ankle tattoo is usually small to fit the available area. It is a humble place for a tattoo. It is not very obvious, and can be easily hidden by wearing shoes or socks. It is an apt placement for an image that represents purity and beauty in a spiritual sense.

13. Lotus Flower Back Tattoo

The back is a great tattoo spot for the lotus flower because it allows for a tattoo of any size and complexity. If you want a very large tattoo with lots of detail, the back is where you can have it shown in all its glory.

14. Under the Breast Lotus Flower Tattoo

The area beneath the breast on a woman is a less seen and more intimate location for a tattoo. This area aids itself well to the shape of a lotus tattoo. If you love the way it looks, get one.

15. Lower Back Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lower back lotus flower tattoos are perfect for women who have a flair for the exotic. After all, this area of your body is associated with sensuality and seduction in body art. Show off your tattoo with pride while wearing a swimsuit or a cropped top.

16. Lotus Flower Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos have always been popular among lovers of body art. It’s an area that can be easily covered with clothing, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a discreet tattoo.

A long or tall forearm lotus flower tattoo always looks good. Round images like a mandala forearm lotus flower tattoo are also common.

17. Lotus Flower Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are a combination of small and delicate art placed on an otherwise plain finger area. The finger lotus flower is unique in this respect because it fits perfectly on the width of one finger. You can have it as a small magical lotus sitting on your finger, or with a stalk along two joint lengths. With a lotus flower tattoo on your finger, you will have a tattoo that looks delicate, dainty, and discrete, and yet will still catch the eye of people you interact with.

18. Dotted Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower with dots in the middle represents innocence. It is a popular tattoo choice among young women who are interested in a new age or spiritual lifestyle, typically because it represents purity and innocence.

19. Lotus Flower Arm Tattoo

The arm is one of the most common areas of the body to get a tattoo. One reason is that it is very visible but can also be easy to hide. Another is that it’s one of the least painful areas of the body to get tattooed. Any lotus flower design will look great in this area.

20. Lotus Flower Foot Tattoo

A lotus flower foot tattoo will likely hurt more than other areas of the body, but the payoff is that it will look really cool. It’s a great way to show off your tattoo during barefoot activities like yoga, with the benefit of being easily concealed when you put your shoes back on. But if you want something more visible in that area, the ankle might be a better choice.

21. Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

The mandala is a circular pattern made of repeating geometric shapes, and it can be used to draw other objects like a lotus flower. It is fitting to have a mandala lotus flower tattoo because both the mandala and the lotus flower represent a spiritual journey and rebirth. The mandala reinforces the lotus flower symbolism.

22. Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo

A wrist lotus flower tattoo is ideal for women who want a simple and pretty flower design. You place the tattoo on the wrist so you can be reminded constantly about the cycle of spiritual life whenever you look down.

23. Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

The Japanese revere the lotus flower as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. And in true Japanese fashion, you can expect the designs in their style to be colorful and expressive in a uniquely eastern way.

24. Quote and Lotus Flower Tattoo

Since the lotus flower is deeply rooted in spirituality, it pairs well with a meaningful quote. The choice of quote is yours alone to make.

25. Black Lotus Flower Tattoo

Black Lotus Flower Tattoos are mysterious and spiritual. In Zen tradition, Black lotus flowers symbolize life in darkness, the grief of heart, and despair. The petals represent human confusion, complexity, inadequacy, or transient nature, while the red center means enlightenment. A black lotus flower tattoo shows how naturally paradoxical life can be and makes for an attractive tattoo design.

26. Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo

Since it is a soft color, a blue lotus flower tattoo will look great on the wrist or forearm. The blue lotus represents a victory of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence over the senses. In other words, it is the spirit overcoming the body. The blue lotus is also partially drawn with the middle of the flower hidden, symbolizing the state of perfect wisdom. This tattoo is a great fit for smart, intelligent women.

27. Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo

The purple lotus flower tattoo has become more and more popular among tattoo enthusiasts. The color purple has been a standard color for royalty through the ages, and with the lotus flower, it also signifies wisdom, dignity, wealth and creativity. Additionally, the eight petals on a purple lotus flower represents Buddhist teaching of the noble eight-fold path.

28. Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo

Pink lotus flowers are elegant and delicate. It also serves as Buddha’s earthly symbol. Additionally, there is a difference between how the buds are represented. A closed bud symbolizes the path of a spiritual journey, while an open bud signifies enlightenment.

29. Red Lotus Flower Tattoo

Like the blue lotus, the red lotus is also considered a water lily. But of a different family, specifically Nymphaea for red lotus. It’s regarded as a romantic piece. After all, red is usually associated with the heart, representing love and sensuality. So wherever you decide to ink a red lotus flower tattoo, it’ll undoubtedly stand out. It’s a perfect lotus flower tattoo idea for women, thanks to its femininity and sensuality. 

30. Henna Lotus Flower Tattoo

Henna is a plant dye that is used for drawing Henna tattoos on the skin. These are temporary tattoos that typically last for two weeks before fading. Unlike traditional tattoos, it won’t be injected, and it works simply by drawing the design on your skin. If you’re looking for a temporary lotus flower tattoo these can look fantastic, especially if you like the Henna style. Real Henna is generally safe to use, however, if you see ‘black henna’ being offered, avoid it as there may be considerable risks involved.


Is getting a lotus flower tattoo a good idea?

Yes, if you’re into tattoos and want something simple that can have a deep meaning for you. Lotus flower tattoos can symbolize different meanings depending on the color you choose.

Where is the best place to put a lotus flower tattoo?

It depends what size tattoo you get. If you go for something small and simple, it will look great on your wrist, inner arm, neck, and ankle. But there really is no rule on where you can put it. For a bigger design, your back and legs will provide more space. The least painful of these areas is the shoulder.

What do lotus flower tattoos mean?

The lotus flower represents different things in different cultures and religions. However, it has a deep relationship and meaning in Buddhism and Eastern culture, where it is a symbol of enlightenment, purity, self-regeneration and rebirth. It is an analogy for humanity, as it is a beautiful flower even though it grows in muddy or dirty waters. 

The meaning of lotus flower tattoos will also depend on their color. The most common colors used are red, yellow, and white. Yellow lotus flowers usually symbolize strength, happiness and spiritual ascension. Red lotus flowers center around selfless love, the heart, and passion, and further represent sympathy and charity. White lotus flowers symbolize purity of self and spirit.

Is a lotus flower tattoo disrespectful to other religions or cultures?

The frivolous wearing of a lotus flower tattoo can be disrespectful to some cultures. So, before getting one, know what body parts are good for lotus flower tattoos to avoid offending anyone.