Woman Visiting State Park Has Surprise Of Her Life After Discovering Truth About ‘Special Stone’

When Victoria Brodski spent her 25th birthday in a state park in Arkansas, she didn’t expect to encounter the biggest surprise of her life.

Brodski, with her daughter and parents, went to Crater of Diamonds Park to celebrate her special day.


Most people go there for the scenery. Some spend the whole day looking for the ‘special stones’ but return empty-handed.

It took Brodski a mere ten minutes upon entering the park to notice something shiny on the ground. Not knowing what it really was, she put it in her pocket to show her dad later that day.


“My dad and I went to the information booth and I saw little examples of diamonds,” the young mother recalled. “I said, ‘That’s the rock I picked up earlier.’ So, I took it up there and they identified it.”

When park officials studied her find, they made an exciting announcement. Brodski didn’t just find an ordinary rock, she found a 2.65 carat diamond!

“I wish I could tell you I was excited, but I didn’t know it was a diamond – I just thought it was a pretty piece of glass,” she stated. “Their eyes got really big and they went to a different room with it.”

To make the news more outstanding, Brodski wasn’t just one of the lucky few to find a diamond. Her find was actually the second biggest found in the area this year.

It is the park’s policy that you get to keep whatever ‘special stone’ you find. Brodski plans to have the diamond appraised soon and share the money with her parents.