This Clever Pig Knew Exactly What To Do When Her Human Had A Heart Attack

Back in 1998, a pot-bellied pig found fame after the clever pet saved her human’s life and became known as Lulu the Life Saving Pig.

Lulu lived with Jo Ann and Jack Altsman when Jo Ann collapsed to the floor suffering a heart attack while Jack was away on a fishing trip.


Their dog, Bear, barked at Jo Ann but it was Lulu who instantly knew her human needed help. First, she forced her way out of the yard, tearing her skin on the wire fence.

Now free, 150-pound Lulu made her way to the road and lay down in front of the traffic, to the amazement of motorists.

When a driver finally stopped, Lulu led him back to where Jo Ann lay where the man was able to call an ambulance.


Jo Ann was rushed to hospital for open-heart surgery and doctors told her that if 15 more minutes had passed, she would’ve died.

And Lulu became famous, getting her picture in the New York Times and National Geographic, meeting George Clooney, and both Jo Anne and Lulu appeared on Oprah.


But best of all, Lulu’s quick-thinking allowed her to save her favorite human. What an amazing piggy!

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