Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Accused of ‘Mocking Christians’ With Priest Halloween Costume

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly received harsh criticism from Christians when the musician dressed up as a priest for Halloween.

The pair shared three photos of their raunchy attire on Instagram, including the actress dressed in PVC black bondage while tied to a dog lead and getting Communion from her fiancé.

The image provoked outrage among Christian followers, who accused the pair of ridiculing religion, with one calling the display ‘abhorrent and offensive.’

Megan was seen wearing black wet-look lingerie, fishnets, and a dog collar while crouching on the ground with a linked leash around her neck.

Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly, disguised in the gown of a Catholic priest, placed a Communion wafer in Megan’s mouth.

Her images were labeled ‘on Sundays we take communion,’ and they included emojis of praying hands and rosary beads.

The couple’s Halloween outfit provoked a rush of comments from their fans, who claimed that their seductive show was’mocking’ religion.

One posted: ‘What happened to cultural appropriation? Why is it wrong to dress up as an Indian but okay to mock the Catholic faith.

‘It’s absolutely abhorrent and offensive and I’m so sick of the double standards.’

Another added: ‘Why is that all you celebs mock Christianity? What’s the agenda? And why you y’all hate God so much? I guess the devil is real.’

A third wrote: ‘Notice how Christianity is the only religion that is openly mocked and people find it comical?? Hmm.’

One also penned: ‘What the hell is wrong with you people?

‘Unacceptable. No one should ever mock someone else’s religion,’ one furious follower added. 

A furious user also commented: ‘I’m not Catholic but this is so WRONG AND SO MANY WAYS making fun of religion. Respect required respect so you guys lost mine. Respect the Bible!! ‘

Megan and MGK were spotted wearing their controversial costumes to Vas Morgan’s party in West Hollywood on Saturday.

Megan and her soon-to-be husband, who co-starred in Midnight in the Switchgrass in 2019, began dating in the spring of 2020.

The pair, who enjoys flaunting their PDA, announced their engagement in January.

Megan captioned a video of MGK getting down on one knee, ‘In July of 2020, we sat beneath this banyan tree.’ We requested magic. We had no idea how much suffering we’d be in together in such a short amount of time.’

MGK has never been married, but he and his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon have a 13-year-old daughter named Casie.

Megan, meantime, has three kids with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green: Noah, 10, Bodhi, 8, and Journey, 6.