This 3 Year Old Wished For Snow. What Her Dad Did Next Warmed My Heart.

It doesn’t snow very often in South Carolina. But when one 3 year old from Charleston asked her dad for snow, he did the unexpected.

Known simply by his reddit username ‘MrMacNCheese’, the Charleston resident posted pictures and details of his wacky snow-making experiment online.

“Last weekend we had some cold weather so I decided to do some testing behind my shop with the 6 nozzle internal mix set-up that a few of the guys at the shop and myself put together.”

“Conditions were perfect at 17 degree’s and we made roughly 21″ of snow overnight. To make a long story short, wet bulb temperatures of 21-27 degree’s will make ‘wet snow’ and temps below 20 deg will make nice dry/powdery snow.”

“On Tuesday night Charleston got a lousy 60 minutes of light snowfall and an entire ice storm that left everything frozen over at 26 degree’s.”

“The entire neighborhood was completely confused as they drove by our house on Thursday morning.”

“The look on my children’s faces was priceless.”

“Needless to say, my children loved it! I know everyone from up north will think I’m an idiot for doing this.”

MrMcNCheese, we salute you! You aren’t an idiot – any father that takes time out of his day to create magic for his children is worthy of respect.

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