A Guy Put His Cat Through Airport X-Ray And Everyone Flipped Out

There was pandemonium at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday after a man put his cat through the X-ray machine.


This is not an image of the actual cat, by the way.

A witness, Sara Benincasa, was quick to live-tweet the event.

It seems the animal-loving Transportation Security Administration (TSA) were pretty angry about it.

There was also widespread outrage within the terminal, as reported by the comedic duo, the Sklar Brothers.

They also managed to take a snap of the confused cat owner.

The gentleman seemed genuinely confused about the whole thing.

“I just hope people know he made an innocent mistake and is probably an excellent owner. The cat appeared to be well-cared for and loved,” she said. No word whether the cat was able to travel with its owner.

Of course, there’s widespread concern for the feline’s welfare.

Thankfully, he’s gonna be just fine.

However, it seems that this sort of thing happens with alarming frequency.

It’s safe to say that we can all learn one thing from this strange incident.