These Adorable Sisters Are Convinced Their Costco Cashier Is Actually Maui From ‘Moana’

When sisters Ryley and Rylyn Rivera went to their local Costco in Honolulu with their mother, they never expected to run into a real-life demigod.


The two spotted Maui from Disney’s Moana, or rather his look-alike, working one of the cash registers.


Understandably, the sisters were shocked to find the legend employed at their local bulk goods emporium.


The two girls expressed their excitement at seeing Maui face-to-face, and the doppelganger happily played along.

The girls’ mom, Rella Rivera, took a video of Ryley and Rylyn meeting “Maui” at the counter. The two let him know that they were big fans of his. In return, he invited them behind the counter for a quick photo.

Rella posted the video on YouTube along with a description that “Maui”‘s real name is in fact, Will. Will shared that since the release of the film Moana, he has been consistently approached by curious kids. He also shared that he previously worked at Aulani Disney resort and now makes character appearances as Maui at birthday parties.