Meet Savannah, The 5-Year-Old Who Saved Her Dad With The Most Adorable 911 Call Ever

When Savannah Hensley’s dad started to have chest pains one morning, the five-year-old made the most adorable 911 call ever. Most impressive of all is that she managed to remain calm throughout the call and was helpful to the dispatcher. Luckily, Savannah’s dad made a full recovery.

“My dad can’t hardly breathe. You need to come real fast,” Savannah told the 911 dispatcher.

“Don’t worry, Dad,” Savannah assured her father as she went to unlock the door for the paramedics.

“We’re in our jammies, and I’m in a tank top,” the little girl told the dispatcher, explaining that she had to get dressed before the ambulance arrived.

Hear the full 911 recording below: