12 Thai Boys And Their Coach All Rescued After 18 Days In Cave

After more than two weeks of being trapped in a cave, all 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued.

From locating the boys to saving them one by one, divers and emergency responders have been working nonstop these past two weeks to bring the kids out of the cave in Tham Luang Non in the Northern province of Chiang Rai. And today, they’ve finally rescued all of them.


The rescue mission started two days ago on July 8 where four of the boys were safely transported by rescue divers. By the end of the second day, eight boys were out of the cave. Today, the final four boys and their 25-year-old coach have been transported safely out.

It took nineteen divers to escort the remaining four boys and their coach and the rescue team expected the mission to be quicker than the last two days.


The boys who have come out first have already reunited with their families and will be having more health checks in the days to come. Two boys were diagnosed with minor lung infections while the rest remain in good health.

All twelve boys and their coach were taken to a nearby hospital to treat them for any illnesses and injuries after the two-week ordeal.

Now that all of the boys have been saved, they’ve been invited by FIFA to watch the World Cup finals in Russia. It’s an amazing end to a harrowing two weeks!