Mom Shares Desperate Letter Begging Her Husband For Help, Mothers Everywhere Can Relate

“The Ultimate Mom Challenge” Blogger Celeste Erlach is a mom of two—a newborn, and a toddler.

A few weeks ago, Celeste wrote a revealing open letter to her husband. She wrote about asking him for more help with their children.

Her letter has since gone viral, and has been re-posted and shared by other mom bloggers.

Moms everywhere could instantly relate to Celeste’s words because they paint a very real picture of what it feels like to be a mother, and a wife.

After Celeste’s post went viral, she posted a follow-up video to thank everyone who read it. She also answered the most asked question she’s received: Did the letter work?

“Yes, absolutely. Communication works—most of the time,” Celeste said. “I told my husband all the stuff I’m doing on the back end that he had no idea about. And he told me all the concerns and the stress he’s been having as a new father. Things that I had no idea about. It was so eye-opening, and I’m so grateful for it.”

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