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9-Year-Old Girl’s Face Was Used To Promote Abortion And This Is How Her Mom Fought Back

Sophia Weaver was born with deformities on her face, hands, and feet. She was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome when she was only a year old.

Even when Sophia was young, the Weavers were no strangers to nasty comments and bullying because of how their daughter looked.

“She’s had 22 surgeries. She has seizures and choking spells because of both the deformities and the Rett syndrome”, her mom Natalie said.

This condition makes caring for Sophia a 24/7 job. Though it’s tough, the Weavers love Sophia and have done everything to give her a comfortable life.

So when Natalie found out that a troll on Twitter used Sophia’s face as the poster image for an abortion campaign, she was furious. The bully even tagged her Twitter handle so she would get hateful messages.

So she did what any loving mother would do — she decided to fight back until Twitter took down the post. Initially, Twitter replied to her by saying that the post didn’t violate any terms and conditions, but Natalie didn’t give up.

She kept speaking out about the issue until her voice was heard. She had many supporters who backed her up and Twitter eventually responded by apologizing and taking down the post.

Natalie has since become an advocate for children with complex medical needs and disabilities and founded Advocates for Medically Fragile Kids in North Carolina.

She continues to speak out and give support to those who deal with the same issues like bullying.

Sophia is now 9-years-old and Natalie and her family continue to give her the love and care that she needs and deserves. This just goes to show how a mother would do anything to protect her child.

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