Mom Publicly Shames 13-Year-Old Daughter For Posing In Her Underwear On Facebook

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When Val Starks found out that her 13-year-old daughter had been posing as a 19-year-old on Facebook, posting pictures clad only in her underwear and calling herself a “freak,” she knew she had to take action.

She decided to publicly humiliate her daughter by filming her confession and posting it on Facebook.


Posted by Val HairLyfe Starks on Sunday, 17 May 2015

“To everybody out there who’s her friend, this is going to go on her Facebook page and I want all of you to know she watches the Disney channel,” Starks said.


In the video, the Denver-based mother made her daughter admit her real age, and tell all the grown men that she had befriended online that she is no “freak,” and that she still has a bedtime. On seeing her daughter’s tears, she said: “Don’t cry now. You wasn’t crying when you was posting pictures on Facebook, was you? In a bra? Some little girl in some lace panties that you know you don’t own. You still wear panties that say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.”

In just a few days, the video has gone viral and reached over 14 million views. The majority of the commenters have spoken up in support of the mom, saying that she may very well have saved her daughter from online predators.


But she has been criticized heavily, too.

Starks said that this is not the first time that her daughter had been in trouble because of Facebook, and she was only getting worse.  “She spent half of last summer on punishment after being on Facebook, and it wasn’t even half as bad,” she explained.


In a more recent video, Starks expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her video. She said she has gotten thousands of friend requests since the original video was posted.

To everyone who is supporting me! Please watch, thank u love

Posted by Val HairLyfe Starks on Monday, 18 May 2015

In response to those who have pointed out that Starks has embarrassed her daughter, she said: “I just want you to understand that I am her mother before anything, I’m not her friend, I’m not here to let her do whatever she wants; my job is to raise her and sometimes that takes tough love.”

I am truly overwhelmed with the support and feedback from all u parents, mothers and father from the bottom of my heart…

Posted by Val HairLyfe Starks on Sunday, 17 May 2015

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