25 Beautiful Moon Tattoos for Women

Going back to ancient times, the sun is considered the masculine, while the moon is feminine. It is no wonder that women fall for the beauty of moon tattoos. There is the magic, wonder, awe and inspiration of the moon brought down as ink in body art. These moon tattoos for women are gorgeous, subtle, powerful and impactful, like the women who have them.

1. Simple Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoo designs are alluring even in their simplest form. Women do not need a large, detailed piece of art to get the message across. Minimalistic body art has become very popular because only the essential elements are highlighted with no colors or shading needed. This design is also preferred because it is more affordable and quicker to complete.

2. Small Moon Tattoo

The size of body art does not change the interpretations that go with it. So if you decide to have a small and straightforward moon tattoo, it carries the same depth of meaning that goes with the larger, more intricate designs. Small tattoos can also be delicately rendered, combined with other elements for unique body art. Small moon tattoos are delicately feminine, and they can be placed anywhere in the body, including areas with small spaces like the fingers or feet.

3. Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon are two opposite elements that represent opposing forces. The sun is a masculine figure, while the moon is all about femininity. When these images are brought together for body art, it symbolizes a coming together – life and death or good and evil. It is a fantastic choice if you want something to showcase the struggles you go through in your life.

4. I Love You To The Moon and Back Quote Tattoo

This famous phrase is a fantastic tattoo option to honor your affections and fondness for someone special. The quote showcases your infinite love and immeasurable feelings, even reaching as far as the moon. It is a sweet message to hear and say to the people you care about. This phrase can be linked as a sole quote, but you can also include other images and elements like the name of your kids and a little rocket ship.

5. Moon and Stars Tattoo

Consider having the moon and stars as the elements for your next ink for an attractive tattoo design. These two are powerful and beautiful celestial symbols that convey hope, spirituality, and guidance. This tattoo design is also interpreted as a mother and children figure. Women who wish to honor their loved ones, especially their children, maybe attracted to this beautiful ink design.

6. Sun, Moon, and Stars Tattoo

When women choose a tattoo design, their decisions are often influenced by the meaning that goes with it, not just its excellent design. The combined elements of sun, moon, and stars tattoo make for a unique interpretation, but it is often linked to a family. For women who value family ties, this is the perfect moon tattoo to consider. The sun is a masculine element, the moon is feminine, and the stars are the children. This design is not only magical and whimsical. You can also have inked or intricately.

7. Triple Moon Tattoo

The triple moon tattoo is an excellent tattoo design option for women who wish to celebrate feminine power. It features the different phases of the moon, showcasing a pagan, Wiccan symbol of the Triple Goddess. The triple moon is lined with the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, which symbolize a moment in a female life cycle. It’s not hard to see why this design is a popular choice among women.

8. Full Moon Tattoo

Women who’d like to have a moon tattoo may be attracted to the image of the full moon. It often symbolizes transition, mysticism, change, supernatural and blurred boundaries. It is a very appealing design for someone who’s looking for a unique image with opening meanings. Ideally, the full moon tattoo is best placed in more extensive areas for a complete, intricate, and detailed design.

9. Crescent Moon Tattoo

If you’d like a simple, small moon tattoo design, you might want to consider having this beautiful crescent moon. It is trendy among women because it has a delicate look that will be pretty inked on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. Its size also makes it a discrete choice if you want to ink on other parts of the body like the collarbone, back, chest or ribs. Apart from its appealing design, a crescent moon is also associated with hope and change. This tattoo design will work as a beautiful reminder of the phases in your life.

10. Phases of the Moon Tattoo

The moon is a popular tattoo design for women because it is associated with fertility and femininity. It is a meaningful image, especially if you are having all the phases inked. The cycles of the moon symbolize growth, change, birth, death, or reincarnation. This inspiring tattoo design will resonate with people who think deeply about time and mortality.

11. Half Moon Tattoo

Another creative inspiration for a moon tattoo is the half-moon tattoo. It symbolizes growth and attainment. A half-moon is a beautiful image that will perfectly showcase what she is going through in her life. In other interpretations, a half-moon also means the perfect balance. Whichever meaning you choose, this will be a beautiful piece of body art once inked.

12. Crescent Moon and Sword Tattoo

This combination is a rare tattoo design for women, but it denotes power, courage, and strength when pictured. You can have this design in a realistic technique, considering the intricate detailing and crevices of the moon and the sword. Women who are born fighters and are confident about their feminine power may be attracted to a robust tattoo design such as this. It is best rendered in visible places like the arm, shoulders, and wrist.

13. Twilight Moon

Twilight is the time of the day between darkness and daylight. It can be before sunrise or after sunset. During this time, the sky is pinkish and diffused. The sun is already below the horizon. Its rays create the loveliest colors. During this time, you will see some of the most amazing shades of the moon. You can have this tattoo design with exceptional color grading to perfectly achieve hues between darkness and daylight.

14. Black Moon Tattoo

A black moon phenomenon is a rare event where a month comes without a full moon or has two new moons. It is an exciting and mysterious concept that women may find interesting to have as their next ink project. Some people may also interpret this occurrence more abstractly, focusing on darkness. Whichever views you have, it is a tattoo design that will look great when placed on visible spots like the wrist, hand, or arm.

15. Blue Moon Tattoo

People refer to rare events to be something that happens once in a blue moon because Blue Moon rarely ever happens. This phenomenon showcases a tinge of blue on the second full moon of the month. When used in a tattoo design, it can be associated with a rare love or relationship. It looks beautiful rendered in black, grey, teal, and indigo colors to achieve that blue-colored moon. You may also include other elements to achieve a more personal meaning. The popular choices include peonies and birth flowers.

16. Blood Moon Tattoo

Images of the moon are often tattooed using black ink. However, you can be creative and use colors to showcase your body art. The blood moon features a reddish hue, and it happens during a total lunar eclipse. This phenomenon is associated with a sense of doom, and people who opt for this tattoo design are more interested in astronomy or spirituality.

17. Wolf and Moon Tattoo

The wolf and moon images make a powerful statement when combined as elements in body art. The wolf is linked with family, loyalty, and spiritual guidance. Legends also claim that wolves move in lunar cycles as they are fond of howling at the moon. Native American people also connect wolves with the afterlife. The moon and wolf tattoo is a perfect tribute to one’s mortality or to honor a loved one who passed away.

18. Cat and Moon Tattoo

Another whimsical image that you can have on your moon tattoo is a black cat. The combined image of a crescent moon and black cat is often associated with witchcraft, luck, mystery, and sometimes death. A crescent moon represents transition and the continuity of life. In comparison, cats are said to be the favored pets of witches. Together, these elements create an attractive moon tattoo that is both whimsical and feminine.

19. Mandala Moon Tattoo

Mandalas are intricate crafts made with a series of shapes and symbols. It is a popular tattoo design because of the beauty of its details and meanings. It represents balance and harmony, plus there are limitless options on how you want to design it. Combined with the moon on body art, these two elements indicate enlightenment. It is a stunning design that carries a thought-provoking meaning.

20. Realistic Moon Tattoo

People attach different meanings to the moon according to the phase and elements you combine in body art. But tattoo meanings are always a personal choice, and how you want to showcase your body art depends on your decisions. There are different tattoo styles that you might want to explore. The hyper-realistic design is growing quite popular amongst the younger generation, and it is worth considering. The technique gives life and dimension to body art, and people will indeed talk about it. If you are interested in having a realistic tattoo, choose an artist that specializes in this technique.

21. Moon and Rose Tattoo

Another beautiful tattoo option is the combination of the moon and rose. For some, it is a rare combination that possibly carries profoundly personal meaning. Roses are associated with beauty and pain. It is lovely to look at and comes with a sweet scent, but it has thorns that can hurt you. On the other hand, the moon enhances the symbolism linked with transition, change, and growth. All in all, these elements create highly feminine body art. If you are a woman attuned to your female power, this is a lovely tribute for you.

22. Crescent Moon and Lilies

The beauty of the crescent moon is seen in various ways. For instance, the lunar curve can be rendered as if the two ends are almost touching. In most cases, this element is associated with motherhood and fertility. Combined with lily, this meaning is enhanced because this flower is also known for its lunar and feminine qualities. Christians also consider this flower a symbol of innocence, virtue, righteousness, and purity – the qualities often attached to females.

23. Moon and Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The dreamcatcher is a popular craft and talisman used by the Native Americans to protect them from negative thoughts and bad dreams. Meanwhile, the moon is associated with feminine power, home, and brightness as it lightens the night sky. The combination of these two powerful elements can be interpreted as protection against negativity or bad omen. When done intricately and in full detail, this body will look fantastic in a larger placement area. Best have this on your back, forearm, or thigh.

24. Crescent Moon and Mermaid

On its own, the moon is already a mythical element associated with feminism, immortality, enlightenment, eternity, and the dark side of Nature. It is a universal representation of time because of the cycle it embodies. Adding an image of a mermaid adds an element of fantasy to a beautiful moon tattoo. Separately, mermaids are linked with danger, sexuality, and seduction. But together, these two elements can be connected with creation, intuition, and Nature. It is a lovely tattoo design for a strong female.
Dark Side of the Moon Tattoo

25. Dark Side of the Moon

If you are a Pink Floyd fan, you might be interested in having this moon tattoo design for your next inking. It is inspired by the cover of the artists’ album featuring a spectrum of light passing through a prism and coming as a rainbow. This image is interpreted in various ways, some will see it as something unique and mysterious, but fellow fans will automatically remember where it comes from. Thus it is a great conversation starter too.


Is the moon a feminine symbol?

Since ancient times, the moon has been a feminine symbol. It represents the flow of time, the ebb of tides, and the harvest as well. The phases of the moon also symbolize immortality, life, and eternity. It is also a counterpoint to the sun.

Where can you place a moon tattoo on a woman?

Depending on the intentions, a woman can have a moon tattoo on the forearm and wrist, the ankle, thigh and leg, or on the biceps and shoulder. There are many variations of the tattoo design that can fit these areas.

What does the crescent moon symbolize?

The crescent moon tattoo symbolize the waning and waxing of the moon, which is also closely related to a woman’s menstrual cycle. This chain of symbols lead to fertility, not only of the woman, but also of the harvest and its cycles.

What does the maiden kissing the moon mean?

The maiden kissing the moon is usually depicted in the traditional 1920s style of tattooing. This is a representation of the star-crossed lovers, or lovers who have tragic ends. It is a great love while it lasts, but the obstacles to lasting love are too great.