More Photos Leaked From Detention Facilities

Photos from the border crisis leaked recently and the images show overcrowding in the holding facilities. The border crisis is getting grim with holding facilities that are not designed for the volume of illegal crossers. 

The Project Veritas was able to get copies of photos from a border detention facility in Donna, Texas. It showed the illegal migrants packed in with little space, while they sleep on the floor.

According to a source from Project Veritas, these pictures were recently taken and showed “There are eight pods with eight cells each in the facility. At any given moment there are an average of 3,000 people in custody here.”

Additionally, the source said, the migrants “are separated by age or physical size depending on room.” However, “Fifty were COVID positive in these cells over the last few days.”

Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe claims that there have been reports of “multiple sexual assaults, normal assaults and daily medical emergencies.”

O’Keefe tweeted, “BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains Horrifying NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Images From Within Donna, TX Immigrant Detention Center; THOUSANDS of Illegal Immigrants PACKED Into Tight Spaces And Wrapped In Space Blankets On Floor; Insider: ’50+ COVID Positive'”

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