Mothers Celebrated In Beautiful Photo Series In Honor Of World Breastfeeding Week

Munich-based photographer Tammy Nicole loves taking photos of women breastfeeding.

“I feel transported elsewhere when I am shooting a mom breastfeeding her child. It is as though I was feeling their connection, and all that energy gets under my skin,” she says.

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, which takes place this week, she has compiled a list of her favorite photos from her “Walks of Motherhood” project.

“[Breastfeeding] is one of those things in life you cannot seem to find the correct words to describe what it makes you feel.”

“What I see when I photograph a mom nursing her child, is a goddess doing the most natural thing. You can feel the love and connection between the mom and her baby floating in the air.”

“It is as though time freezes for me and I am witnessing a miracle. Breastfeeding a baby is something moms do daily and as a part of a routine. It’s normal for them, it happens among a dozen other things that they do each day, it’s ordinary.”

“But what women often forget, is that that ordinary moment, is actually extraordinary. And it should be captured as such.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Tammy has also made a video capturing some of her favorite quotes from mothers who were asked “what does breastfeeding mean to you?” You can check it out below: