Mum With 22 Biological Children At The Age Of 26 Says She Won’t Stop Until She Has Over 100

Meet Kristina Ozturk, the 26-year-old supermom who already has 22 biological children and dreams of expanding her family to over 100 kids!

While most people might have a set number in mind for their ideal family size, Kristina’s vision is on a whole other level.

Whether you’re thinking about a couple of kids, a handful, or perhaps none at all, Kristina’s extraordinary family goal is something out of the ordinary.

She’s become a sensation online for her jaw-dropping ambition to mother at least 100 children!

Living in Georgia with her expansive family, Kristina is like any other mom—only with 22 kids so far, and she’s just getting started.

She’s set her sights on reaching at least 100 children, maybe even 105, to satisfy her maternal wish.

The patriarch of this vast family is her wealthy husband, Galip, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence for illegal drug activities, reported by Agenda.Ge. All of Kristina’s children, except for her eldest, Vika, born from a previous marriage, have been fathered by Galip.

Since then, Kristina has dramatically scaled up her family.

Remarkably, she welcomed 21 of her children in just one year!

“I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vika myself six years ago. The rest of the children are genetically ours from my husband and I, but were carried by surrogates,” Kristina explained to the Daily Mail.

The couple’s bustling household includes Mustafa, Maryam, Ayrin, Alice, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Teresa, Hussein, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Mehmet, Ahmet, Ali, Kristina, Alena, Sarah, Lockman, Alparslan, and the youngest, Olivia, born in January 2021.

Kristina turned heads online after posting an Instagram reel that introduced each member of her large family.

One follower commented, “Thank you for sharing your world with us! You have a beautiful family and you are mom goals!”

Another shared, “What a beautiful family!”

“I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do,” Kristina told The Sun in 2021.

“The only difference is the number of kids. Each day is packed—from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family. I can tell you one thing—my days are never dull.”

Kristina also shares insights into the realities of motherhood, providing advice for other moms.

“As a mother of twenty-two, I’ve learned that you can never have too much information. There’s always something new to discover,” she said.

“After consuming countless articles, books, webinars, and trainings, I decided to write my own book, compiling crucial information for new parents in an organized way.”