When She Heard A Family Abusing Their Gay Nephew, This Woman Gave Them A Lesson In Kindness

This is Natalie Woods. She was sitting in a Texas, US, restaurant when she couldn’t help but overhear a family at the next table talking loudly about their gay nephew.


Natalie, who is openly gay herself, was pretty upset when she heard the unkind things that the family were saying about their relative, but instead of calling them out directly she decided to fight back — with kindness.

She picked up their check and left them a note, wishing them “Happy Holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you.”


“Jesus made me this way,” she added, and finished the note with a reminder to “be accepting of your family”.

She posted the note on Facebook with the caption: “Bought dinner for the strangers behind me talking about their ‘awful, gay, nephew, that they need to pray for’.”

Natalie said she was inspired by “the Jesus I grew up learning about” and Michelle Obama’s now-famous quote, “When they go low, we go high”.


What an awesome response. You rule, Natalie.