10 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That’ll Make You See “Titanic” In A Whole New Way

#1. THAT famous movie moment is ruined when James Cameron is lurking in the background.

#2. All those people falling to their watery doom actually just fell on a big, squishy mattress.

#3. Who would’ve thought this nerve-wracking scene actually had Kate Winslet dangling at a dizzying three feet off the ground.

#4. And this is the remake of the 856-foot ocean liner.

#5. Apparently Kate Winslet was a lot more like Rose than we realized (and she really didn’t like her fiancee).

#6. Rose tried to hard to save Jack, she even threatened director James Cameron with an axe.

#7. Hmm, maybe they weren’t in such mortal danger after all. It looks more like a (wet) costume party.

#8. And there was definitely enough room on that raft for two.

#9. They really did flood a giant ballroom for this scene.

#10. And check out Kate Winslet’s body double!