Mark Zuckerberg Has The Best Response To Comment That Girls Should Date “Nerds”

When Mark Zuckerberg posted about his 2016 projects, he took a moment to remind everyone how far we have to go to reach total gender equality in the tech industries.

The CEO and founder of Facebook detailed the “personal challenge” he’s setting himself for 2016 in a post yesterday.

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“My personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work,” he wrote.

Thousands of people commented on the post but one in particular caught Mark’s eye.


“I keep telling my granddaughers to date the nerd in school, he may turn out to be a Mark Zuckerberg!” read the comment.

And Mark had the best possible response to the idea that girls should “date the nerd in school.”


He quipped, “Even better would be to encourage them to *be* the nerd in their school so they can be the next successful inventor!”

You heard the man: don’t date the nerd, BE the nerd.


Awesome work, Mark. There’s nothing like starting 2016 with some inspiring words for young women everywhere.