An Etsy Shop Owner Has Created A Burrito Blanket For Newborn Babies, And It Looks Super Adorable

Ever thought of ways to make your baby even cuter? Well, this burrito baby blanket might be your new go-to gift for your favorite tiny human. Corrine Leroux from Vancouver owns an Etsy shop called AwesomeSauceDesigns and yes, her designs really are awesomesauce. Her burrito blankets have become a big hit, and why wouldn’t they? Babies are cute and burritos are delicious, put ’em together and you get one awesomesauce baby-rito!

Each blanket is made by hand from fleece and flannel so your baby’s sure to stay warm and toasty (your baby being your actual baby, not your burrito.)This is perfect for newborns to swaddle in, and also makes for a cute halloween costume.Now, if only they came in adult size…

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