China Hospital Demanded Payment Before Mother Could See Newborn Babies

A mother was not allowed to see her newborn babies after giving birth at a hospital in China.

Juliana Brandy Logbo, 28, was rushed to Huadu District People’s hospital in Guangzhou, China after she went into labor. When she got there, she had to undergo an emergency cesarean section and birthed twins.

NY Times

But, the hospital staff quickly took the babies away after the procedure and she was asked to pay a staggering $630 in hospitalization fees before she could see her babies. Juliana, who is a citizen of Liberia living in Guangzhou, could not pay the hospital since she did not have the money.

“I want to get my kids discharged because I need to breast-feed them,” she said. “I gave birth to my babies, and I can’t even see my babies. Which type of country am I in?”

NY Times

Juliana was planning to go back to Liberia with her boyfriend, the father of her twins, before giving birth. Unfortunately, her partner has been detained since September for lending his Chinese bank account to a friend for a money transfer.

On May 5, when Juliana went into labor, the hospital charged her an ambulance fee of $130 then asked for a $790 deposit. When she asked to see her twins the next day, staff told her she had to pay the hospital the $630 discharge fee before she could see her daughters.

Her friend Salome Sweetgaye, 28, helped the mother raise the money. However on May 10, the hospital told Juliana she had to pay $800. When the distraught mother told the administrators she had no money, they reduced her bill to $707.

One of the hospital staff said, “There definitely isn’t this situation of demanding that she first pay up before letting her see her children,” She said that Juliana was only reminded by hospital workers to pay up.

The staff also allegedly said that Juliana’s babies were born premature and that the hospital had a policy of withholding infants to prevent infection. But, Juliana’s friend Salome said that the staff had lied.

NY Times

“They refused to give the babies to Juliana,” Ms. Sweetgaye said. “She had to cry a lot.”

Juliana and her twins were later discharged on May 13 after she raised almost $3,500 in total through donations. She named her twins Grace Annabelle and Gracious Ana saying that she was “grateful to God for everything.”