This Is What Top Olympic Athletes Look Like Naked

ESPN Body Issue gives us a tantalizing look at the world’s top national and olympic athletes as they have never been seen before. It is truly amazing what hard work and discipline can do to the appearance of the naked body, so let us all take a moment to marvel at these very fine specimens. If you want to see what a real olympic body looks like in the nude, this is as close as you can get to witnessing just how incredibly aesthetic the human body can be at its absolute physical prime.

#1. Todd Clever – Rugby

#2. Amanda Bingson – Hammer Throw

#3. Kevin Love – NBA

#4. Aly Raisman – Olympic Gymnast

#5. Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals

#6. Ali Kreiger – US Women’s National Team


#7. Indianapolis Colts O-Line

#8. Brittney Griner – Phoenix Mercury

#9. Anthony Castonzo – Indianapolis Colts

#10. Chantae McMillan – Heptathlete

#11. DeAndre Jordan – NBA

#12. Dallas Friday – Wakeboarder

#13. Gabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton – Beach Volleyball and Surfer

#14. Khatuna Lorig – Olympic Archer

#15. Jermaine Jones – US Men’s National Team

#16. Leticia Bufoni – Skateboarder

#17. Odell Beckham Jr – NY Giants

#18. Natalie Coughlin – Olympic Swimmer

#19. Paige Selenski – Field Hockey

#20. Stan Wawrinka – Tennis

#21. Sadena Parks – Golf

#22. Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars