5 Office Chair Exercises To Reverse Sleepiness


Sleepy at the office? Try these exercises for an instant energy boost.

1. Do a Torso Twist.


Twisting your torso is one of the easiest ways to wake yourself up when you’re feeling sleepy at the office. Just turn to one side and grab the back of your chair with your free hand. For example, if you turn to the right, use your right hand to grab the back of your chair. Using your grip on the chair, twist your torso around as far back as you can. Gauge how far around the office you can stretch with your eyes before slowly coming back to face forward. Do the same for the other side.

2. Extend your legs.


Extending your legs is another easy way to keep yourself up. It’s not only great for your legs, it’s also great for your abs. To work your abs and legs out, grab the seat of your chair and then extend your legs straight out in front of you. Make sure they’re parallel to the floor. Next, flex and point your toes. Do this at least five times before releasing it. Repeat until you feel more comfortable.

3. Loosen the muscles in your hand by doing circles in the air.


Stretch both your hands in front of you and then clench your fists then make circles in the air. Go clockwise for ten seconds and then counter-clockwise for another ten seconds. Do it one more time. Then shake out your hands and stretch it until you feel the tension on your hands, wrists, and arms release. Shedding tension from your body is as important physically as it is mentally.

4. Look up and raise your hands.


Sit as straight as you can in your chair then raise your hands overhead and stretch your arms. We recommend interlocking your fingers as you lift your chin up so you can turn the palms of your hands toward the ceiling. You may choose not to interlock your fingers but we recommend that you do. Next, tilt your head back and gaze up at the ceiling before go back to staring at your computer.

5. Shrug your shoulders.


Who knew shrugging your shoulders can keep sleepiness at bay? Apparently, this exercise releases any tension in the neck and shoulders. Just breathe deeply as you lift your shoulders up to your ears, or even higher if you can, and then exhale as you shrug. You can try holding your shoulders in that position as long as you like before dropping it. Repeat this three times.