O.J. Simpson Confesses To Murder of Ex-Wife and Friend

On Sunday night, Fox aired “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” where O.J. Simpson recalled what happened on June 12, 1994, the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered.


Judith Regan interviewed him in 2006 where he “hypothetically” talked about what might have happened that evening. He starts by talking about his friend “Charlie” who went to snoop around Nicole’s house. Charlie then heads over to Simpson’s home where he tells Simpson “what was going on” which Simpson responded with, “Whatever is going on over there, it’s gotta stop!” There were no specifics as to what was going on, however Simpson continued to talk about his “hypothetical” story.
Credit: AP

Simpson then says that he hypothetically drove to Nicole’s house with Charlie. He recalls bringing a cap, gloves, and a knife under the seat. They parked the car in an alley and Simpson went around Nicole’s property when Ron Goldman appeared. Simpson said that Ron was returning a pair of sunglasses that Nicole’s mom had left behind.

Simpson, thinking that Ron had gone out with Nicole, lost his temper and got into a heated argument with Ron. A few moments later, Nicole came out and they got into a verbal fight concerning who Ron was. She told him to “get the f**k off her property”, which irritated Simpson.

Simpson continues by saying Charlie appeared and Nicole “fell”, but in other investigations Simpson was said to have hit her with the blunt end of a knife. He then recalls that Ron Goldman got into a karate stance to which Simpson responds with, “You think you can kick my ass?”

Simpson continues and then confesses, “I remember I grabbed the knife.”

The episode sparked a social media frenzy with Netizens reacting to Simpson’s bizarre interview.