Older Men, Younger Women Relationships: What You Should Know

Older men, younger women relationships aren’t always the taboo that society makes them out to be. In fact, when it comes to older men and younger women in relationships, they make up a huge percentage of the population. Historically, these types of relationships have been the norm.

Some people may not understand why this happens or how it happens, but here are some of the reasons behind the attraction between older men and younger women relationships, as well as things to look out for if you are currently in or are pursuing this type of relationship.

Reasons why older men, younger women relationships work

1. Just as with any other relationship, age is just a number. And while older men and younger women may run into problems together because of the different level of life experience and maturity, there are also some obvious pros to the relationship, such as the older man’s life experience and the younger woman’s peak fertility and youthful energy.

2. Older men are often more financially stable, which can make a big difference to a younger women who is still trying to find her footing in the world. Some say that money isn’t everything-but for most serious relationships money plays a big role in the course of the relationship.

3. Older men are also very open-minded and more accepting of change. This is because they’ve already been through plenty of changes in their lives and learned that things don’t stay the same.

4. These relationships can work well for older men because younger women tend to be active and adventurous, which can rub off on an older man who may be looking for a new spark in his life.

5. While some people might immediately assume it is because the older man has money and wants to take advantage of the younger woman, this is not always the case. What a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of times it may go the other way around. There are some women out there who have been burned by men their own age and want to mature faster than they normally would, which causes them to seek out older men for dating or even for marriage.

6. Women in general go through something called the “biological clock.” When a woman is ready to have children, her body is telling her that she needs to find someone who can take care of herself and another human being at the same time. Since older men are usually more financially stable and have more life experience, they are more likely to be able to take care of a child.

7. Many women view older men as having much more stability in their life, which is another reason why there is an attraction between older men and younger women. Older men have been around the block a few times and usually know what they want in life. They’ve also learned to be self-sufficient.

8. Contrary to popular opinion, money is not the main reason for the attraction between older men and younger women, however it does play a role in these types of relationships. Younger women are looking to date someone who they know has enough financial security that they don’t have to worry about struggling financially. While this is not the only reason that younger women are seeking out older men for dating, it can be part of their reasoning behind it.

What you should know about an older man, younger woman relationship

1. While there are plenty of older men who are looking to date younger women for a serious relationship leading to marriage, others may be in it for nothing more than a fling. This can include men in public office, athletes, musicians and other celebrities who like the idea of dating someone much younger than they are to feed their egos or feel like they still have “it.”

2. While this is something that affects the relationship between an older man and a younger woman, you do need to realize that this is not always the case. Many older men who want to date younger women are looking for a relationship that can lead to marriage and children.

3. Older men may be more emotionally mature than their younger counterparts; this is because they’ve gone through some of the same emotional stuff you’ve already dealt with at your age. While older men are emotionally mature, they may not always be financially mature. This can be something that can affect both you and the older man if it’s not dealt with early enough in the relationship.

4. Older men will become less active as they get older, and this will be noticeable with time in the relationship, especially if the age gap between you is large. If you are interested in dating an older man, this is something that you need to pay attention to because it could end up hurting the relationship down the road if you’re not prepared for it.

6. Although some women look for an older man who has already gone through some of life’s battles and is ready to settle down, others may seek out an older man so that they mature faster. This is one of the reasons why some women who date older men aren’t necessarily looking for a ring on their finger. They’re just attracted to them because of how much more mature and stable they are at an earlier age than most guys their own age.

7. Money is a huge factor for some younger women who are dating older men because of how many more life opportunities it can open up. While some women want to date older guys just for the money, others have found that they have a lot more in common with an older guy and don’t care about his bank account since they’ve been independent their entire lives.