Man With One-Inch Penis Opens Up About Life With A Micropenis

50-year-old poet, Ant Smith, has been ridiculed for most of his life because of his one-inch penis.

Smith revealed that because of this, he had very low self-esteem. Now, he is speaking out about issues surrounding the topic of micropenises, and is encouraging others with the same fate to be happy with their manhood.

In an interview with This Morning, Smith shared that a micropenis is usually at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the average human penis when erect, which is less than 7 cm compared to the mean erection size of 12.5 cm.

Despite the ridicule and mockery Smith has received, he decided to speak out about living with a micropenis rather than shy away from it.

According to Smith, half of men admit to being concerned their penises are too small.

He shared in an interview, “Anxiety grows in the dark really. I spent years and years thinking I was the only one with this problem and by keeping quiet I wasn’t letting anyone else with the same problem realise you are never really alone.”

“Whatever your issue is, there are seven million of us, there will always be someone else out there who can understand, identify, and help.”

Ant Smith became known when he wrote and performed a poem entitled “Shorty” in 2015.

Since his success and subculture fame, he’s written a book about living with a micropenis, called “The Small Penis Bible,” which features humorous real-life stories.

For Smith, size doesn’t matter as he says he can do a lot at ‘full working capacity.’

“I use a lot more than that part of my anatomy in my relationship with my beautiful wife,” he shared. “She has always been quite proud of the things I write and publish about the issue, as I am just trying to make the world a bit better.”

You can watch Smith’s full interview on This Morning here: