13 Awesome Things About Having A Best Friend Of The Opposite Sex

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who think guys and girls can just be friends, and those who don’t. If you think about it, the pros of being BFF’s with someone who doesn’t have the same junk as you far outweigh the cons. Here’s why:

#1. Hanging out with them stirs things up.


Friends of the opposite sex usually have a different idea of fun, and they can open you up to new hobbies and interests. Exchange my tennis racket for your rolling pin?

#2. They can be awesome wing (wo)men.

One of the most important jobs of a BFF is to set an opening so perfect and so smooth that the hottie at the bar is just easy pickings… or not. But it’s still fun to see them try.

#3. The possibility of dramatic outbursts are few to none.


Usually same-sex friendships have an underlying component no one ever talks about: you’re both vying for the same spot (in the “beauty” spectrum, in someone’s heart, etc.). But that is never the case with friends of the opposite sex, which makes relationships inherently drama-free.

#4. They don’t put up with your emotional bullshit.


Your opposite sex best friend can tell you when you’re 5 seconds away from turning into the Hulk, or call you out for using a Valley Girl accent to get out of a parking ticket. The two of you practice a strict “zero tolerance for bullshit” policy.

#5. They can be emergency dates for when you need a plus one.


You can avoid looking like a total loser when attending all of your family’s get-together by taking your BFF with you. Additional perks include actually enjoying an otherwise boring event, and having someone to hold your purse when you go the bathroom.

#6. They are also available to be your pretend significant other if you’re trying to shake someone off.

Pesky ex-girlfriend trying to get back with you? Worry no more! Your opposite-sex best friend can ward away evil spirits taking the form of previous lovers. Pretend hand-holding will be involved, as are loving looks, so come inebriated if possible.

#7. Your filter goes *poof!* when they’re around, and it means only one thing: unleash the dirty humor!


There is no limit to the level of creativity your jokes take when you’re together. Usually the goal is to make the other squirm, but your abnormally high level of tolerance for discomfort means nobody ever wins.

#8. You have someone who can evaluate your love life from a different perspective.


They know their kind better, period.

#9. They can be your gateway to hot dates.


An opposite sex best friend means free admission into the hot, hot world of their friends, frat brothers, and roommates… some of whom are exactly your kind of attractive.

#10. Bad dates will be sniffed out from a mile away, and taken care of promptly.


Bad date radars are especially strong with people of the same sex. While she points out that the girl from the coffee shop is too Gone Girl for you, you warn her that her McDreamy is really a Douchey McDouche.

#11. They give you access to the most complicated part of the opposite-sex anatomy: their brains.


Bro-code and Womenspeak are languages that require a PhD and twenty-six years of cultural immersion to decipher. Who has the time? We highly suggest you instead seek native speakers who can translate the vocabulary for you. Just don’t forget to buy them a beer afterward.

#12. And best of all: the marriage pact.


Ah, the classic promise real-life best friends love to recreate in a drunken stupor. Though this is the most cliche of all friend pacts, it feels good to know that if Mr. Big doesn’t pan out, you’ll at least end up with someone you actually enjoy being with — assuming they were serious, of course. Well, if it worked for Monica and Chandler, it will definitely work for you.

#13. So no matter which side of the coin you’re on, one thing is true: there are all kinds of love in this world.