Woman Fined For Being Injured By Her Own Dog

After a woman was injured by her own dog, she was slapped with a £770 ($1,026) fine.

Irina Zureiqi, a 45-year-old woman from Kent, found herself in the middle of a bizarre case where she was both the defendant and the victim.

She was walking two of her dogs in November of 2016 – Jack, a Staffordshire bull terrier, and Angelina, a Great Dane – when Jack suddenly bound forward dragging both Zureiqi and Angela. She saw that Jack was aiming for another dog, Oscar, who was in the same area.

Zureiqi said, “Numerous times I tried to prevent the encounter – I shouted to the other dog walker about five times as I was on the ground.”

Zureigi was dragged on the ground and had cuts and bruises after trying to pull the two dogs apart.

The owner tried to defend her dog by saying that her injuries were self-inflicted because she refused to let go of the leash. But prosecution argued that the dog was so dangerous and out of control that it had caused its own owner injury.

Though the incident took place more than a year ago, Zureiqi was convicted on the charge of being out of control of her dog. After being fined, she was ordered to put Jack on a muzzle otherwise he would have to be put down.