70 Parenting Hacks All Moms And Dads Should Know

Being a parent can be tough and stressful. But with a bit of creativity, sometimes things can be done in a way that’s less work-intensive for the parent, and more fun for the child. We call these ‘parenting hacks’, and some of them can work brilliantly.

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#1. Keep your hands warm and the kids by your side at all times.

#2. This little guy hates getting water in his eyes. Good thing he’s wearing this water shield.

#3. Kids fighting? Here’s something to inspire them to get along.

#4. Who said the whole family can’t have fun playing games? (sshh, don’t tell them the controllers aren’t connected)

#5. The fun doesn’t have to stop for her when you take a break.

#6. Scare away big, bad monsters with this monster spray.

#7. Secretly identify your twins so you can tell them apart.

#8. Make a safe, indoor hammock with a table and woven baby wrap.

#9. Use a box fan to make your kid’s bed fort a dome of fun.

#10. If they won’t brush their teeth, they probably will with these little guys.

#11. Now you can be a warrior and keep your head warm too!

#12. Creating the perfect environment to start dreaming about space.

#13. Use a muffin cup to protect their hands from sticky drippings.

#14. Use spare socks to help warm the toilet seat for night-time trips.

#15. Inspire your family to remember to turn off the lights.

#16. Making a slide has never been cheaper, and they love it.

#17. Traumatise your kids into never thinking about wearing short shorts again.

#18. Get a baby stroller/scooter to make walks through the park a little more fun. Don’t go too fast!

#19. Let your baby help you with the housework. Now he can clean up after himself without even realising.

#20. Make those nasty veggies pretty and appealing to get little ones to eat their greens.

#21. Cut a sticker in half and put each half in each shoes so they know which is left and right.

#22. Draw around their feet so you can buy shoes without them.

#23. Use soap dispensers to make mess-free water balloons.

#24. For kids too scared of monsters to sleep, create an anti-monster spray to keep them safe.

#25. Use old DVD cases for pencil and paper storage.

#26. Create a marker so little ones know how much toilet paper they need.

#27. Use cut-up bottles to make sinks more accessible.

#28. Stop toys floating away at bath time by bathing kids in a washing basket.

#29. Combine laziness and good parenting by using string to “push” kids on a swing.

#30. Create a fun hammock with a bedsheet or blanket tied round a table.

#31. Kids will never get locked in a room if you wrap an elastic band around doorhandles.

#32. Put a swirly straw in a sippy cup upside-down, so kids can’t yank it out and spill their drink.

#33. Make a bracelet with your phone number on, just in case they ever get lost.

#34. Protect little ones from bugs and hot sun with a bedsheet over an outdoor playpen.

#35. Turn an old crib into a fun workspace for kids.

#36. Use a pool noodle wrapped on the door’s edge as a door stopper.

#37. Pool noodles are also a great way to stop kids falling out of bed.

#38. Nail shelves to a dresser to create handy storage for books and comics.

#39. Trick them into cleaning the house (sort of) by making it a fun game.

#40. And say goodbye to sticky lolly drips by using a plastic cup cover as a drip-catcher.

Rising temperatures and rising tempers don’t make for a good combination. Thankfully, a little ingenuity will go a long way to take the edge off summer parenting.

#41. Behold, the secret to drip-free ice popsicles: GELATIN.

#42. Keep snacks organized with a bead container.

#43. Don’t throw out those containers of baby wipes. Use them to carry toys, craft supplies, and snacks, instead.

#44. Use Press ‘n Seal to make a spill-proof cup. Perfect for road trips!

#45. Glue magnets to drinking cups to keep hot and thirsty kids hydrated.

#46. Turn a large sheet into a huge art canvas.

#47. Soothe itchy mosquito bites with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

#48. Create your own magnetic travel games using old candy tins.

#49. Serve condiments in muffin tins.

#50. Label popsicle sticks with activities for inspiration when boredom strikes.

#51. Create a giant game board right on your deck.

#52. Use cupcake liners to keep popsicle drips in check.

#53. Traveling? Use ziplock bags to organize your kids’ clothing by day.

#54. Make your own bubble station for easy refills.

#55. Another use for cupcake liners? Keeping juice bug-free.

#56. Freeze aloe vera in ice-cube trays for a more convenient way to soothe sunburn.

#57. Create an old-fashioned sundial to give kids a fun way to tell time.

#58. Keep fruits that bruise easily in egg cartons.

#59. Make your own track for fun soap-boat races.

#60. Make your own drying rack with PVC pipes and keep it by the poolside.

#61. Get kids to prepare their own cereal breakfast by making your own cereal breakfast station.

#62. Say goodbye to sandy blankets by using fitted sheets. Genius!

#63. Keep off the damp grass while stargazing by putting blankets inside a blown-up pool.

#64. Remove damp sand from hands and feet with baby powder.

#65. Wash toys and shoes in the dishwasher.

#66. Keep your trunk organized by storing summer essentials in shoe sorters.

#67. Use this recipe to create giant bubbles.

#68. The best way to keep your valuables safe at the beach (or any public area).

#69. Fill a cooler or bucket with frozen balloons to keep drinks cold.

#70. Keep pesky mosquitoes at bay by making your own bug-repellent bracelets.