19 Parenting Hacks to Make Your Life Easier. #5 Is Pure Genius.

Being a parent can be tough and stressful. But with a bit of creativity, sometimes things can be done in a way that’s less work-intensive for the parent, and more fun for the child. We call these ‘parenting hacks’, and some of them can work brilliantly.

#1. Keep your hands warm and the kids by your side at all times.

#2. This little guy hates getting water in his eyes. Good thing he’s wearing this water shield.

#3. Kids fighting? Here’s something to inspire them to get along.

#4. Who said the whole family can’t have fun playing games? (sshh, don’t tell them the controllers aren’t connected)

#5. The fun doesn’t have to stop for her when you take a break.

#6. Scare away big, bad monsters with this monster spray.

#7. Secretly identify your twins so you can tell them apart.

#8. Make a safe, indoor hammock with a table and woven baby wrap.

To read more about how to make a hammock like this, check out the original post at Joyful Abode.

#9. Use a box fan to make your kid’s bed fort a dome of fun.

#10. If they won’t brush their teeth, they probably will with these little guys.

#11. Now you can be a warrior and keep your head warm too!

#12. Creating the perfect environment to start dreaming about space.

#13. Use a muffin cup to protect their hands from sticky drippings.

#14. Use spare socks to help warm the toilet seat for night-time trips.

#15. Inspire your family to remember to turn off the lights.

#16. Making a slide has never been cheaper, and they love it.

#17. Traumatise your kids into never thinking about wearing short shorts again.

#18. Get a baby stroller/scooter to make walks through the park a little more fun. Don’t go too fast!

#19. Let your baby help you with the housework. Now he can clean up after himself without even realising.

If you or someone you know has a small kid, give them a helping hand and share this story.

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