21 Rare Color Photos Show The Streets Of Paris 100 Years Ago

Back in 1909, French banker Albert Kahn was fed up with black and white photography. He sent four photographers to take their state of the art Autochrome Lumiere-system cameras around the world and document what they saw.

#1. Just some indoor hot air balloons, no biggie.

#2. No trucks here, just hard working horses.

#3. A girl selling flowers.

#4. More flower-selling.

#5. A swanky apartment and yet more flower selling.

#6. Flower selling, but on a much larger scale.

#7. A soldier posing by a scary-looking cannon.

#8. This was taken last week. Just kidding.

#9. Pretty Parisian streets with a bit of, you guessed it, flower selling.

#10. Fruit was much bigger back then.

#11. Soldiers waiting by the metro station.

#12. Trams and old motor cars travel along the Seine.

#13. The base of the then 25-year-old Eiffel Tower.

#14. The Champs Elysee without a tourist shop in sight.

#15. We love the 100-year-old adverts.

#15. A community washing clothes on the outskirts of the city.

#16. Spot the Louis Vuitton truck.

#17. The flower selling shift must’ve been over.

#18. Notre Dame minus Quasimodo the hunchback.

#19. A family pose outside their home.

#20. A communal garden.

#21. And of course, the famous Moulin Rouge!

We’d quite like to go back and live in 1914 Paris but, until time-travelling comes along, you can check out more photos at Paris1914.com.

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