100+ Hilarious Examples Of Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Passive-aggressive people have a way of making life difficult. This post features some of the most hilarious examples of passive aggressive behaviour captured in photos. Towards the end of the post we will also share some tips on how to deal with (and annoy!) passive aggressive people.

Passive-Aggressive Meaning

A passive-aggressive person is someone who indirectly expresses negative feelings instead of openly talking about them. This type of person usually does not like confrontation so they will use subtle ways to get back at you. Passive-aggressive people can be very manipulative and often play the victim role.

Passive-Aggressive Examples

We have compiled a massive collection of passive aggressive behaviour captured in real life and shared on social media. While most cases of this behaviour is verbal, we are sure you will find these acts caught in the wild both intriguing and hilarious!

Passive-Aggressive Roommates

#1. This person who refrigerated toast.

#2. This egg-lover.

#3. This mucky pup.

#4. This person who’s either visually impaired or just super lazy.

#5. This English student.

#6. These totally relaxed roomies.

#7. These roomies who didn’t like you anyway.

#8. This sadist.

#9. Marco doesn’t want anyone touching his food.

#10. This bread thief.

#11. This pot thief.

#12. From a person whose bed is truly sacred.

#13. This note lead to a whole new note.

#14. This sneaky Oreo stealer.

#15. When you splash out on nice hair products and everyone just uses it.


#17. And then there’s this work of art.

Passive-Aggressive Office Notes

#1. This metaphysical Post-It note.

#2. This reggae rhymer who was sick of the unreliable printer.

#3. This person who did not approve of that font choice.

#4. This fridge raider who decided to blend in with the complainers and add his own.

#5. This office that refused to get rid of an archaic phone, so gave it a museum-style label.

#6. This person who just wants to share their love of ketchup with the newsroom.

#7. This guy who tried to catch a thief and ended up making a donation to a Dave in need.

#8. These coworkers who saw the message but couldn’t keep away.

#9. This creative thief definitely didn’t get away with this.

#10. This oddly poetic note that begged the question…

#11. This safety warning for the wellbeing of the programmers.

#12. Spoiled milk is a nightmare when you’re trying to work.

#13. This poor soul who took an office note a bit too literally and ended up heartbroken.

#14. This Debbie trap.

#15. This passive-aggressive note battle, featuring Jesus.

#16. This surprised and slightly worried door.

#17. This request that got exactly what it asked for.

#18. This unstoppable rule-breaker.

#19. This dire warning that was just too tempting.

#20. This note that sparked a missing person search.

#21. This ransom note that arrived after a coworker complained about a pen going missing.

#22. This message to clear up once and for all what exactly a dishwasher is (and isn’t).

#23. This person who considers one mug “dishes”.

#24. This unfortunate error.

#25. This hypocritical note that spiralled out of control.

#26. This serious breakdown of cleaner-office worker relations.

#27. This person who wasn’t taking any crap from anyone.

#28. This person who’s had enough of impatient employees.

#29. And this guy who just wants to watch the world burn.

Passive-Aggressive Neighbors





















Passive-Aggressive Parking Notes

#1. This taker of Spot and spots.

#2. This parking lot guard from King’s Landing.

#3. This hit-and-run witness.

#4. This polite plea from your friendly neighborhood superhero.

#5. This Springfield Elementary school teacher threat.

#6. This Carly Rae Jepsen wannabe.

#7. This (melted) ice cream man.

#8. This Liam Neeson superfan.

#9. This thoughtful suggestion.

#10. This very official note.

#11. This free condom technique.

#12. This guy on his last straw.

#13. This graphic illustrator.

#14. This clearly-explained typewritten note.

#15. This congratulatory business card.

#16. This unfair ferret stereotype.

#17. This grumpy cat being, well, grumpy.

#18. This horrible user of typhoon references.

#19. This guy who makes a good, albeit long, point.

#20. This four-spot taker.

#21. This concerned citizen.

#22. This passive-aggressive expert.

#23. This guy who drives his point across with props.

#24. This note only an extremely British bloke could write.

#25. This guy who just Bill Lumbergh-ed a horrible parker.

#26. And this dude who probably has waaaay too many slices of bread.

Passive-Aggressive Cakes

#1. I wonder what the backstory was to this? Actually, I don’t want to know…


#2. I have a feeling those squiggly lines are going to prolong whatever drama already exists between cake giver and receiver


#3. I like the “TEEN” in all-caps for added effect


#4. Gee… thanks


#5. A great way to get that midlife crisis to show up earlier


#6. A broken heart at the end would have been more appropriate


#7. Ouch, I hope this was a joke…


#8. I hope Jason hugs this one out and makes an extra effort next year


#9. To be fair, that cake sucks too


#10. This looks like an unhealthy relationship – even that heart shaped cake looks eerily blood red


#11. “at least you’re pretty” – yeah, unlike this cake


#12. “Thanks mom and dad! I’m finally proud of you too”


#13.When nagging fails, try sending the message across through delicious icing


#14. Most awkward ‘leaving party’ cake ever


#15. I bet their cake for next year will say “happy unemployment anniversary!”


How To Deal With Passive-Aggressive People

If you have a friend or family member that is passive-aggressive, you’ll want to learn the best way to deal with them.

1. Never Argue

Since passive-aggressive people are very good at arguing, which they never truly believe in their heart what they are saying, it’s best not to argue back. This will just make things worse because the more you argue, the more they will try to get back at you.

2. Don’t Take the bait

When a passive-aggressive person is trying to get under your skin, don’t take the bait. This means not responding to their comments and ignoring their attempts to start an argument.

3. Set boundaries

If a passive-aggressive person is very close to you, sometimes they can make your life very hard. It’s important that you set personal boundaries with them if things are getting out of hand. You should not have to walk on eggshells around someone because the will get offended by everything.

4. Don’t feel bad

Sometimes, passive-aggressive people can try and play the victim role in order to make you feel bad. Don’t let them do this. They are the ones with the problem, not you.

Passive-aggressive people can be very frustrating to deal with. If you have one in your life, it’s important to learn how to deal with them. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get along better with them and hopefully have a more peaceful relationship.

How to annoy a passive-aggressive person

1. Ask them about their day

2. Make up nicknames for them

3. Point out mistakes they make everyday (grammatical or other)

4. Do not give in to what they want even if you do the exact same thing every time before with no problems

5. Always say something when something goes wrong, even if it’s not your fault

6. Constantly remind them that they are, in fact, passive-aggressive

7. Talk about their problems to other people even if they don’t want you to

8. Tell them when they’re being manipulative or playing the victim card

9. Take away things that make them mad (e.g. privileges, things they like, etc.)

10. Give them a taste of their own medicine by being passive-aggressive back to them.