This Is What The Perfect Female Body Looks Like, According To University Study

Say hello to Kelly Brook.

She’s a model, an actress and according to a study conducted at the University of Texas, she has the perfect body.

The university selected the 34-year-old as an example of the “perfect figure” after taking into consideration her height, weight, age, hair length, face shape.

“This woman is completely natural and scientifically perfect,” said one scientist.

The conclusion of these academics from the university surprised the public.

The media has long been criticized for promoting unhealthy and unachievable images of the “perfect” woman. But Kelly is an all-natural, curvy goddess.

The study proved that the body that most women would want to lose some pounds from is actually the ideal body, judged by attractiveness.

It’s the one that comes closest to perfection and what they considered a “harmonious body”.

Kelly said that she has suffered because of her body and that the media has slammed her for being “fat”, but we think she looks beautiful.

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