5 Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps That Actually Work

The pain that Aunt Flo brings with her may become unbearable sometimes, but there are easy and natural ways to relieve it without having to resort to over-the-counter drugs. Below are some that work every time, without fail:

1. Yoga.


Yoga does wonders for the body. Doing a couple poses when you have menstrual cramps is a gentle and effective way to ease the pain. Practicing yoga regularly also helps in the long run in decreasing and preventing menstrual pain. Do these basic poses and feel your back and abdominal muscles relax, and your menstrual cramps slowly fade away.

Child’s Pose


This resting pose benefits those suffering from menstrual pain (especially if it originates in the back) as it gently stretches and soothes back muscles. Putting a pillow under the torso will make it easier to hold the pose longer, especially if any tightness around the abdominal area is felt.

Knees-to-Chest Pose


This pose is one of the most effective in soothing menstrual pain as it relaxes one’s posture, along with the lower back and the abdominal muscles. Rocking yourself from side to side while doing this pose is similar to giving yourself a back massage.

Supine Twist


This pose is good for stimulating and detoxing the digestive system as it imitates “wringing out” the body. Holding a twist on both sides of the body eases the back and abdominal pain that comes with menstrual cramps.

2. Heat.


In a study focused on women 18-30 years old who experience regular menstrual cramps, it was found that a heat patch with a temperature of 104◦ F is just as effective in relieving pain as ibuprofen. A warm bath is also a great way to reduce the pain and enjoy some alone time.

3. Essential Oils.


A massage for at least 20 minutes with the right therapeutic oils is also a great way to ease the pain. The best oils to combat menstrual cramps are: lavender, cinnamon, clove and rose.

4. Herbs.


A diet full of minimally processed foods and fruits and vegetables help to ward off pain when on your period. It has also been found that incorporating some herbs to your diet is a great remedy to reducing muscle contractions, swelling, and bloating during menstruation. These herbs are the best at relieving menstrual pain:

Chamomile tea


Sipping a cup or two a week before and during your period can increase urinary levels of glycine, which relieves muscle spasms and aids relaxation.

Fennel seeds


At least 30 mg of fennel extract four times a day for three days just as the period starts was found to effectively reduce pain and discomfort due to menstrual cramps.



420 mg of cinnamon capsules twice a day for the first three days of the menstrual period was found to lessen the bleeding, pain and nausea brought on by menstrual pain.



Ginger tea or grating a tiny piece of ginger into hot water can significantly reduce the nausea, bloating and pain associated with menstrual cramps. Ginger also aids in preventing constipation, which is also a common experience during this period.



When taking just 1,000 mg of this herb, it was found to be just as effective as Mefenamic Acid in easing menstrual pain.

5. Orgasms.


Dr. Barry Komisaruk, a professor of psychology who studies the female orgasm at Rutgers University found that having an orgasm greatly helps decrease menstrual pain.

“Vaginal orgasms [are described] as being internal and involving the whole body—that’s probably because the nerves that carry sensations from the clitoris are different from the nerves from the vagina,” Dr. Komisaruk notes in his study from 1985. Forget the heating pad and Midol, bring out the vibrators!