PetSmart Banned This Puppy From Attending A Party Because She’s A “Bully Breed”

This adorable pitbull is 9-week-old Blu.

A few days ago she and her owner, Ashley Yanez, went to a PetSmart in Houston, Texas for a ‘Barkarita Fiesta.’

Blu was all set to attend the party but when they arrived, they were denied entry.

PetSmart told Ashley that Blu wasn’t allowed in because she was a pitbull, a “bully breed.”

Ashley posted about it on Twitter where thousands sent in their replies.

Some expressed their anger and disappointment with PetSmart, while some responded with photos of their own pitbulls.

PetSmart found out about the mishap and reached out to Ashley. They apologized for the confusion and even sent a party package to make it up to Blu.

“I think this is an issue that needed to be brought up a long time ago,” Ashley shared.

“I’m so shocked, but so happy that Pitbull awareness is being brought to our attention. Pitbulls are dogs too and need to socialize to have a healthy lifestyle.”

“Petco lets Pitbulls socialize with other breeds so that’s where I’ll be taking her now.”

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