Photographer’s Fun Juxtapositions Of Everyday Objects Will Make You Reach For That Shrink Ray

Art director Stephen McMennamy describes his work simply: “I like to combine photos.”

But looking through his portfolio of mostly collage-based photography, you soon realise that his art is nothing short of unusual.

In a photo series aptly named #ComboPhotos, McMennamy splices together his original photography into delightful mashups, usually involving huge contrasts in scale.

With careful planning and positioning of the photos, McMennamy manages to turn ordinary scenes and objects into playful — and 100% unrealistic — juxtapositions.

From construction vehicles transporting gigantic food…

And a skier jumping over an ice cream cone mountain…

To his own 9-year-old climbing a bowl of cereal with a shovel in hand.

It’s McMennamy’s great sense of humor that transforms his art from just ‘pretty good’ to ‘amazing’.

Aside from being a talented photographer, McMennamy is also a creative director at BBDO Atlanta. You can see more of his work here.

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