Dog Attacked By Pit Bull Dumped By Owner In New Jersey Neighborhood

A dog owner was walking her dog along a New Jersey neighborhood when a pit bull suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked her dog.

Gavin, who was with his owner Doreen Currery, was bitten by the pit bull on his neck. His owner said that he was lucky to have survived the attack.

“It was scary,” she said. “It was traumatic and I just can’t believe this happened.”

A surveillance camera in the area caught the horrifying moment that Gavin was attacked.

“He just bolted. Just bolted,” said Currery.

When the pit bull sank its teeth into Gavin, Doreen and a neighbor separated the animals. The pit bull was dumped in the neighborhood by a driver in a black sedan. Police are still trying to identify the vehicle and the driver.

“I just hope they catch these people,” said Doreen’s husband Brian.

“If they don’t want a dog you just bring it to a shelter,” said Doreen. “It could be a lot worse, it could have been one of the little kids in the neighborhood. I just hope they get this guy.”

Gavin was brought to the vet for a few stitches. Though he’s nervous because of the attack, he’s recovering well. The Currery’s want the pit bull’s owners to pay for the damage.

“You come to Carlstadt, we’re gonna catch ya. That’s it,” said Brian.

Police are still trying to identify the vehicle and the driver. The pit bull is now in the custody of animal control.