Pregnant Mama Cat Survives After Fight For Life To Save Her Only Kitten

Sweetie was in terrible shape when she was found by Save Cats & Obliterate Over Population, Inc (SCOOP, Inc.)

The pregnant cat had sustained injuries from an attack which caused her jaw to become broken and unhinged. Sweetie, who was 10 years old at the time, was unable to eat or drink for days until SCOOP, Inc. captured and treated her.


Her injuries were caused by a kick or a blow to the face. The representatives of SCOOP, Inc. brought her to a vet who was able to reconstruct her jaw.

But everyone was in for a surprise when they found out that Sweetie was pregnant! She was able to survive 10 days without food or water so it was astonishing that she was able to give birth just one month after her reconstructive surgery. The kitten was born healthy and was named Jaax, after Dr. Jennifer, Jaax, the veterinarian who saved her mother’s life.


The staff at SCOOP, Inc. had to provide the kitten with milk since Sweetie wasn’t able to produce enough. They also gave Sweetie and her kitten round-the-clock care and were relieved to see the mama cat responding well to their treatment.

Even though Sweetie had a very traumatic past, this is a testament that a mother will strive to keep herself alive for the sake of her children.


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