5 Gamer Girls That Get Paid To Play Games

Video games have long been the territory of young to middle aged men, but there is now a growing trend of girl gamers that not only beat their male peers, but get paid to do so too.

Armed with simple recording software and devastatingly effective gaming skills, they attract thousands of viewers and make a nice chunk of change from advertising revenue and sponsorships while they’re at it.

Here are 5 of our favorites:

#1. Tara Babcock

“Professional model, gamer, übernerd, writer, eSports lover” – this is Tara in her own words. She plays different competitive games and broadcasts her matches along with her own commentary on video streaming website twitch.tv.

#2. Ms. Spyte

Spyte is a Canadian masters level Starcraft player. Starcraft is a strategy game which can pretty much be described as chess on steroids. There are 10 times as many peices, and no waiting to take turns. This mind numblingly complex game has its own professional scene with teams, sponsorships and salaried players. With her gaming broadcasts being viewed up to 8 million times, Spyte has made her name by broadcasting herself beating other high skilled players.

#3. Anna Prosser

As a former Miss Oregon winner, she may not look like your stereotypical gamer nerd, but she has the credentials to prove it. A gamer since the DOS era, she has successfully turned her passion for gaming into a career. She now represents professional esports team ‘Evil Geniuses’ and works on a number of projects with them.

#4. ToSsGirL

ToSsGirL first started playing competitive video games at the age of 14. Since then, she has become one of the most successful female pro-gamers of all time, winning every female-only tournament she has entered, and defeating some of the best players in the world.

#5. Dodger Leigh

A lifelong gamer and Youtube personality, Dodger publishes video game reviews and other game related content on her youtube channel. She currently has a whopping half a million subscribers.

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