This 6-Year-Old Has Saved More Than 1,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters

This child is only six, but he’s already saving more dogs than he can count.

Roman McConn has already helped save 1,000 dogs from kill shelters since 2016.

When he lived in Texas with his family in 2016, he started a project with his mom, Jennifer McConn, after they adopted their dog Luna from one of the kill shelters. That’s when they became heavily involved in volunteering.

The first-grader helps by making videos to help find “furever homes” for the pups.

In the videos, he shows off the dog to potential adopters. Roman explains their breed, says how old they are, and why they need to be adopted.

Roman’s dad is in the navy and when he had to travel overseas, the six-year-old and his mom had to move to Washington with all 31 dogs they’ve fostered.

That’s when they started Project Freedom Ride to help raise money to relocate dogs from Texas to the Pacific Northwest.

Though the process of transferring pups from state to state costs $11,000 per transport, Roman and Jennifer work hard at raising money through donations.

And Roman helps with everything – from making marketing videos to calling families who want to adopt the dogs.

Ever since they started Project Freedom Ride in 2016, they’ve helped transport 1,050 dogs safely to their new owners. Such an amazing feat for a six-year-old and his mom!