Elementary PTA Does Ridiculously Honest ‘Alternative Fundraiser’

It’s common for Parent-Teacher Associations to raise money by asking students and parents to participate in fundraising activities. Often those activities are bake sales, fun runs, and walk-a-thons.

This particular elementary PTA chose to do something less tiring, and from the looks of it, definitely more effective.

The photo was shared by reddit user Charlie_Oliver. His post sparked a conversation in the comments section between parents, colleagues, and family members who’ve all been guilted before into taking part in PTA fundraisers.

Many commented that this elementary PTA did the right job, pointing out that “not only do 100% of the proceeds go to the school, but a whole lot of people’s time and energy is conserved.”

“This is genius. So would prefer to do this over buying sh*t that I don’t need, like crap wrapping paper of four gallon tubs of cookie dough,” shared one reddit user.

Do you think this elementary PTA’s fundraising tactics are better compared to a regular bake sale?

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