Shocking Pictures Reveals Horrific Cruelty Of Puppy Farms Used To Meet Demand For “Designer Dogs”

A horrific new documentary has exposed the brutal cruelty suffered by dogs in puppy farms to meet the growing demand for “designer dogs”, largely fuelled by celebrities.

The poor pups are treated worse than battery-farmed hens, being forced to birth puppies that are then snatched away from them when they’re just weeks old.


Tragically, many puppies bred on the farms often die within six months.

The BBC documentary revealed that many pet owners had no idea of the appalling way in which their beloved pet was bred, with social media being blamed for the rise in demand for “designer” dog breed such as pugs, French bulldogs, and dachshunds.

Many stars flaunt their miniature pups as an adorable addition to their all-star lifestyle, but many of these dogs pay the ultimate price for the trend.


A customs officer involved in cracking down on the puppy trade said most of the bitches used to breed the designer pups are put down after three or four years, as they are exhausted and terrified of humans after a brutal life in captivity.

He explained how the bitches are given hormone injections to bring them back into heat rapidly so they can produce more puppies.

“This is big business,” he said, “There are farms where there will be bitches who do nothing but produce puppies all day. Because they are not for the food industry, they are neglected.”


“These animals will live three or four years and then have to be put down. They aren’t treated any better than battery hens, they have no idea what human beings are — this is no way to treat man’s best friend.”


Some of the 40,000 puppies born in these farms and shipped to the UK are so weak they die on the way to their new homes due to dehydration.

Ian Briggs, from animal charity RSCPA, said: “An estimated £1.2 million of puppies were recovered after a police raid [recently]. We found puppies in buckets, including a number of dead ones.”


“It was cruelty on an industrial scale. They had thousands of dogs go through their house and many would get sick and die. They don’t care, they are a commodity. They bring them in and sell them on as quickly as possible.”


And, for the puppies that do make it to their new homes, the problems don’t end there. Many people find their expensive pets arrive with numerous health problems, requiring expensive vet treatment and, in many cases, dying young.

According to the RSCPA, 20% of puppies bought online die within just six months.


Isn’t it time to put an end to this horrific cruelty? Designer dogs may look cute, but they’ll love you just as much as a rescue pup. Remember: adopt, don’t shop!