Real Life “50 First Dates” Husband Meets His Daughter For The First Time Every Day

When Aimee Rackham’s husband survived a horrific road accident that left him with no short-term memory, she was convinced he would recover and go on to enjoy a relationship with his daughter.

Mick was studying for a Masters degree when he was hit by an 18-wheeler truck, suffering severe brain injuries.

Daily Mail

Doctors told Aimee he might not survive through the night, but Mick’s miraculous recovery made Aimee determined that they would lead a normal family life.

Soon after the accident, Aimee discovered that she was pregnant after months of trying. Now, five years on, Mick is introduced to his daughter Lilah, 4, for the first time every day.

Aimee told the Daily Mail, “It is definitely difficult, [as] everything we do together is gone by the next morning.”

Daily Mail

But Mick is showing signs of improvement through constant interaction with his daughter and is slowly recovering some memory-making function.

“He knows Lilah is our daughter but can’t understand how this little girl is his, because he doesn’t have four and a half years of memories to back that up,” explained Aimee.

Daily Mail

The couple now live in Massachusetts, US, where Mick is an in-patient at a clinic during the week and spends weekends at home with Aimee and Lilah.

This inspiring couple have worked through a trauma unlike anything most of us will ever know. We hope that Mike continues to improve and can cherish his new memories of Lilah as she grows up.