ReOpen Maryland Co-Founder Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Not Wearing Face Mask

Tim Walters
Anti-lockdown protester Tim Walters tests positive for coronavirus after refusing to wear a mask.

Tim Walters, who vocally campaigned for the reopening of Maryland at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, has tested positive for the virus. He has refused to wear a face mask.

In April, Walters openly mobilized rallies to pressure Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to rescind his order for citizens to stay at home.

Walters posted several videos on Facebook to announce his condition.

“I was diagnosed yesterday at the ER with COVID-19 and here I am months after not wearing a mask at rallies, churches, and so on and so it’s funny how capricious this thing is,” Walters said.
He recounted experiencing dry cough in March then having problems with his vision, experiencing headaches, and finally having a fever. The 53-year-old, who ran for the Maryland House of Delegates twice, also has diabetes.

Apart from refusing to wear a face mask, Walters also doesn’t want to cooperate with Maryland contact trackers. He refuses to provide personal information that could help them trace the people he came into contact with.

In his video post, Walters just warned people he may have interacted with to monitor their symptoms.

“I will not share anybody’s information with the government. I will not do it,” Walters said.

Despite testing positive, Walters said he has “not changed one iota”. He stayed at home last week but he still went around in public places and spent the last three months not wearing a face mask.

Incidentally, Maryland, one of the first few states who called for a lockdown, is seeing a steady decline in coronavirus cases. Governor Hogan, however, was quick to warn residents not to become complacent.

In a statement, Hogan reminded residents: “Now more than ever, as we begin to come into contact with more people, we must all continue to remain vigilant.”

“Our health and economic recovery depend on all of us continuing to exercise personal responsibility in order to keep ourselves, our family members, our neighbors, and our coworkers safe,” Hogan said.

The governor also reminded all Marylanders to practica physical distancing, wear a face mask, and get tested for everyone’s safety.